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HP xw4300 Workstation - Removing and Replacing the PCI Cards


This document is provided to assist in removing and replacing the PCI Cards for the HP Workstation xw4300.


Minimum skill level

The End User requires no hardware-specific training to replace the defective part. The End user should have familiarity with system hardware and software requiring repair.


Parts required

NOTE: Part numbers are subject to change.

The replacement part number will vary depending on the PCI Cards that is being replaced. If a part is listed as 'Yes' under 'Requires Return' then the defective part needs to be returned to HP. Click here for more information on returning parts to HP .

Part Number
Requires Return
HP FireWire IEEE 1394a 3-Port PCI card
393308-001 (Modified)
U320 SCSI Controller - LSI 20320AR RAID 0,1 (Option: DZ554A)
415936-001 (Modified)
Intel Pro/1000 GT Gigabit PCI NIC (Option: AG393AA)
413888-001 (Modified)
Broadcom 5751 Netxtreme Gigabit PCIe NIC (Option: EA833AA)
430654-001 (Modified)
NOTE: For customers in countries/regions with RoHS legislation* (e.g. EU, China, etc.) restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical equipment. The use of the Original Spare part is regulated by RoHS legislation. If your unit contains a part that is labeled with the Modified Spare number, the Modified Spare must be ordered as the replacement part. If your unit contains a part that is labeled with the Original Spare number, please order the Original Spare as the replacement part. In this case either the Original Spare or the Modified Spare may be shipped which will not affect performance or functionality of the unit.


Summary of instructions

To view a video demonstrating the procedure for removing the PCI Cards, click on the link below. Or use the product video listing on the HP Services Media Library , then select PCI Cards from the menu on the upper left hand side of the screen.

Click here to view the PCI Cards removal video .

Right-click on the video link above to open in new window / tab.

PCI Cards removal

  1. Review the safety considerations before performing the steps listed below by clicking on the following link:

    Click here to view the precautions .

    CAUTION: Failure to comply with the precautions could result in damage to your product or loss of data.
  2. Power down the Workstation.

  3. Remove the access panel.

  4. Disconnect any cables attached to the expansion card.

  5. Press down on the two green expansion card retainer clips until they release.

  6. Rotate the expansion card retainer up against the rear of the chassis.
    NOTE: If the PCI slot has a locking tab, push out and hold the locking tab while lifting the expansion card.
  7. Lift straight up on the expansion card to remove it from the slot.

  8. Place the expansion card in a static dissipative bag.

PCI Cards replacement

  1. Remove the expansion card from the static dissipative bag.

  2. Align the connectors on the expansion card with the slot on the system board.

  3. Press down on the expansion card until it is fully seated in the slot on the system board.

  4. Rotate the expansion card retainer down over the expansion card bulkhead.

  5. Press in on the two green expansion card retainer tabs on the rear of the chassis until they lock into place.

  6. Reconnect any cables to the expansion card.


Parts return

If your part requires return then click on the appropriate link below:

Click here for the defective parts return procedure for US .

Click here for the defective parts return procedure for Europe .


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