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HP Compaq dc7700 Convertible Minitower PC - Removing and Replacing the PCI card


This document is provided to assist in removing and replacing the PCI card for the HP Compaq dc7700 Convertible Minitower PC.


Minimum skill level

The End User requires no hardware-specific training to replace the defective part. The End user should have familiarity with system hardware and software requiring repair.


Parts required

NOTE: Part numbers are subject to change.

The replacement part number will vary depending on the PCI card that is being replaced. If a part is listed as "Yes" under "Requires Return" then the defective part needs to be returned to HP. Click here for more information on returning parts to HP .

Part Number
Requires Return
ATI Radeon X1300 PCI-Express graphics board - Video board with 256 MB DDR SDRAM memory, one DVI-I digital display output, and one 4-pin (F) mini-DIN (S-video) TV output
413023-001 (Modified)
PCIe ATI X1600XT video card - 256 MB GDDR3 SDRAM
419543-001 (Modified)
NVIDIA Quadro4 280 XGL PCI (x8) graphics card - Professional 2D low profile graphics board with 64 MB DDR SDRAM, dual 350MHz RAMDAC, and one DMS-59 high density output connector - ATX form factor
398686-001 (Original)
PCIe interface card - Feature connector for digital visual interface (DVI-D) and serial digital video output (SDVO) - Full-height form factor
398333-001 (Original)
HP FireWire IEEE 1394a 3-Port PCI card
393308-001 (Original)
Intel Pro/1000 PT Gigabyte Ethernet PCIe network interface card - Has one RJ-45 connector - PCI Express 1.0a bus type
398754-001 (Modified)
Broadcom NetXtreme PCIe 10/100/1000Base-T copper based gigabit Ethernet LAN adapter
430654-001 (Original)
Agere Systems PCI SoftModem - High-speed 56Kbps, V.92 modem card - Has one (F) RJ-11 output connector
398661-001 (Original)
DVI-I to VGA adapter - From a (M) DVI-I connector to a (F) 15-pin VGA connector
202997-001 (Original)
NOTE: For customers in countries/regions with RoHS legislation* (e.g. EU, China, etc.) restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical equipment. The use of the Original Spare part is regulated by RoHS legislation. If your unit contains a part that is labelled with the Modified Spare number, the Modified Spare must be ordered as the replacement part. If your unit contains a part that is labelled with the Original Spare number, please order the Original Spare as the replacement part. In this case either the Original Spare or the Modified Spare may be shipped which will not affect performance or functionality of the unit.


Summary of instructions

To view a video demonstrating the procedure for removing the PCI card, click on the link below. Or use the product video listing on the HP Services Media Library then select PCI card from the menu on the upper left hand side of the screen.

Click here to view the PCI card removal video (Right-click on the video link to open in a new window/tab).

PCI card removal

  1. Review the safety considerations before performing the steps listed below by clicking on the following link:

    Click here to view the precautions .

    CAUTION: Failure to comply with the precautions could result in damage to your product or loss of data.
  2. Remove the Access panel. Click here for instructions on how to remove the access panel .

  3. Disconnect any cables attached to the PCI card.

  4. Press on the two green PCI retention clamp clips until they release.

  5. Rotate the PCI retention clamp up against the rear of the chassis.

    NOTE: If the PCI slot has a locking tab, push out and hold the locking tab while lifting the PCI card.
  6. Lift straight up on the PCI card to remove it from the slot.

    NOTE: If you are not replacing the PCI card with another card, cover the open slot in the PCI card cage with a metal slot cover to facilitate proper airflow and cooling of the system.

PCI card replacement

  1. If you are installing a new PCI card, remove the slot cover from the appropriate slot on the PCI bulkhead.

  2. Align the connectors on the PCI card with the slot on the system board.

  3. Press down on the PCI card until it is fully seated in the slot on the system board.

  4. Rotate the PCI retention clamp down over the PCI card bulkhead.

  5. Press in on the two green PCI card retention clamp tabs on the rear of the chassis until they lock into place.

  6. Connect any cables to the PCI card.

  7. Replace the Access panel. Click here for instructions on how to replace the access panel .


Parts return

If your part requires return then click on the appropriate link below:

Click here for the defective parts return procedure for US .

Click here for the defective parts return procedure for Europe .


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