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HP LaserJet M1522n and M1522nf MFP - Scanning in Microsoft Windows 2000 Server


After installing HP LaserJet M1522nf MFP on Microsoft Windows 2000, the scanning options cannot be found from the Start menu.


Microsoft Windows 2000 does not support the full software installation of HP LaserJet M1522n and M1522nf MFP. HP Director or HP ToolboxFX does not work without the full software, and Microsoft Windows 2000 only supports printer, scanner or driver installation. Depending on the connection type (USB or network), download the Express installation Print/Scan Drivers from the HP website. Use the Microsoft Windows Image Scanning feature, or Twain Scanning to scan in Microsoft Windows 2000.

Make sure that the printer is connected to the computer only when the driver prompted to do so.

The steps for Microsoft Windows Image Scanning are the following:

  1. Click Start .

  2. Click Programs .

  3. Click Accessories .

  4. In the list of Accessories , click Imaging .

  5. Click File .

  6. Choose the Select Device option.

  7. Click the File menu item, and choose the Acquire Image option.

Instead of this, Twain Scanning can be performed as well:

  1. Click Start .

  2. Click Control Panel .

  3. Double-click Scanners and Cameras .

  4. Right-click on the M1522nf Driver , and click Scan .

Microsoft Windows 2000 might not have detected the scanning device at startup. Shut down the computer and the HP LaserJet MFP. Turn on the HP LaserJet MFP first, then turn on the computer. This might help Microsoft Windows 2000 recognize all the features of the HP LaserJet MFP.

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