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HP Designjet 510/500/800 Printer Series - Error: "Unable to prepare ink system" at Time of Installation


It is observed in many of the HP Designjet 510/500/800 Mono Printer installation cases that the plotter issues the message Unable to prepare ink system. Open window to check SETUP printheads. This message is displayed even after the priming process is completed.


When opening the front window, the following messages are seen:

  1. Lift printhead cover

  2. Check if there is ink inside the printheads windows

  3. Press ENTER to continue

Are all printhead windows filled with ink?

ALL with some ink
NOT all with ink

Follow the preceding prompts, and select the appropriate option. By looking at the SETUP printheads, you will see whether the priming is completed. Typically, the priming process is successful, and ink will be there in all of the SETUP printheads. Then All with some ink has to be selected. The printer considers the priming successful, and gives the prompt to replace the printheads. The issue is resolved, and the plotter goes to ready mode.

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