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HP Scanjet 3800, G4010, G4050 Photo Scanners - Error Message "Error 2117" While Attempting to Scan


On HP Scanjet Scanners, the error message Error 2117 occurs while scanning.


There are two ways to resolve the issue.

Solution 1:

1. Right-click My Computer.

2. Select Manage.

3. Click the + sign at Service & Applications.

4. Click Service.

5. On the right-hand side, scroll down, and select Windows Image Acquisition.

6. Right-click Windows Image Acquisition, and select Properties.

7. Change startup type to Disable.

8. Click Apply, then Exit.

9. Restart the computer.

Solution 2:

Attaching the scanner without using a USB hub attaches the scanner directly to a USB port on the computer system.

1. Turn the computer system off.

2. Disconnect the scanner’s USB cable from the USB hub.

3. Connect the scanner’s USB cable directly to the USB port on the computer system.

4. Restart the computer system, and try scanning again.


If the shipping lock on the scanner is not totally disengaged, it can cause the scanner to report this error.

If the scan head in the scanner lost the home position, and needs to be re-homed, it can result in this error.

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