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HP Color LaserJet CM2320 MFP Series Product - Scan settings

Scan file format

The file format of a scanned document or photo depends on the scan type as well as the object being scanned.

  • Scanning a document or a photo to a computer results in the file being saved as a .TIF file.

  • Scanning a document to e-mail results in the file being saved as a .PDF file.

  • Scanning a photo to e-mail results in the file being saved as a .JPEG file.

Different file types can be selected when using the scan software program.

Scanner resolution and color

If you are printing a scanned image, and the quality is not what you expected, you might have selected a resolution or color setting in the scanner software that does not match your needs. Resolution and color affect the following features of scanned images:

  • Image clarity

  • Texture of gradations (smooth or rough)

  • Scan time

  • File size

Scanning resolution is measured in pixels per inch (ppi).

Scanning ppi levels are not interchangeable with printing dpi (dots per inch) levels.

Color, grayscale, and black and white define the number of colors possible. You can adjust the scanner hardware resolution to up to 1200 ppi. The software can perform an enhanced resolution up to 19,200 ppi. You can set color and grayscale at 1 bit (black and white), or at 8 bit (256 levels of gray or color) to 24 bit (true color).

The resolution and color guidelines table lists simple tips that you can follow to meet your scanning needs.

Setting the resolution and color to a high value can create large files that take up disk space and slow the scanning process. Before setting the resolution and color, determine how you are going to use the scanned image.
The best resolution for color and grayscale images is achieved by scanning from the flatbed scanner rather than from the automatic document feeder (ADF).

Resolution and color guidelines

The following table describes the recommended resolution and color settings for different types of scan jobs.

Intended use
Recommended resolution
Recommended color settings
150 ppi
  • Black and White

150 ppi
  • Black and White, if the image does not require smooth gradation

  • Grayscale, if the image requires smooth gradation

  • Color, if the image is in color

Edit text
300 ppi
  • Black and White

Print (graphics or text)
600 ppi for complex graphics, or if you want to significantly enlarge the document
300 ppi for normal graphics and text
150 ppi for photos
  • Black and White for text and line art

  • Grayscale for shaded or colored graphics and photos

  • Color, if the image is in color

Display on screen
75 ppi
  • Black and White for text

  • Grayscale for graphics and photos

  • Color, if the image is in color


You can set the color values to the following settings when scanning.

Recommended use
Use this setting for high-quality color photos or documents in which the color is important.
Black and White
Use this setting for text documents.
Use this setting when file size is an issue or when you want a document or photograph to be scanned quickly.

Scan quality

Dirt, fingerprints, smudges, hair and other marks on the scanner glass slows scanner performance and affects the accuracy of special features such as fit-to-page and copy. To improve the quality of your copies and scans, clean the scanner glass. See Clean the scanner glass .

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