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HP Officejet Pro 8500 (A909a), 8500 Premier (A909n), and 8500 Wireless (A909g) All-in-One Printers - Fax Sending Fails Intermittently or Fails for Only One Recipient


Sent faxes fail occasionally, or the sent fax fails for one recipient, but succeeds for other recipients.

Solution one: Upgrade your firmware

HP developed a firmware patch that might resolve these issues. Complete the following instructions to download and install your firmware.

Step one: Install the latest firmware

  1. Right-click this link, Select Software and Drivers , and then click Open in New Window .

  2. If prompted, type your product number. You might also need to click your model in a list of similar products.

  3. Select your operating system, and then click Next .

  4. Click the Plus sign ( ) next to Firmware to view the firmware updates.

  5. Click HP Officejet Pro Firmware to access the download page.

  6. Review the download options and information, and then click Download . Save the file to your computer.

    NOTE: Click the View directions link for step-by-step instructions on downloading and installing the firmware.
  7. Browse to the file you saved, and then double-click the file to launch the HP Firmware Download Utility.

  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step two: Try the fax again

  1. Load your original.

  2. Enter the fax number using the keypad. Press Speed Dial to select a speed-dial entry, or press Redial/Pause to redial the last number entered.

  3. Press START FAX Black .

    If the device detects an original loaded in the automatic document feeder, it will send the document to the number you entered.

  • If these steps resolved the issue , you do not need to continue troubleshooting.

  • If the issue persists , continue to the next solution.

Solution two: Troubleshoot

If installing the firmware upgrade did not resolve your issue, follow these steps in the order presented until the issue is resolved. If one step resolves the issue, it is not necessary to continue with further steps.

Step one: Check the phone line

If static is present on the phone line, fax communication might fail. Have the phone line checked and serviced by the telephone company (or have the other party check their line). Phone line quality is the most common reason for intermittent fax failures. Some older locations and buildings have inadequate phone system wiring.

Step two: Send the fax in black and white

If a fax sent in color fails, try sending the fax in black and white. If the receiving fax is not color-capable, the HP product usually detects that the fax must be sent in black and white, but this option is not always offered. Do not send color faxes unless the receiving fax is known to be color-capable. Follow these steps to send the fax in black and white.

  1. Open the scanner lid and place the original face down on the scanner glass.

  2. Using the keypad on the control panel, press Speed Dial to use a one-touch speed dial button, or press Redial/Pause to type or select the receiving fax number.

  3. Press START FAX-Black to send the fax in black and white.

Step three: Check the telephone cable

Check the telephone cable that connects the fax to the telephone jack. Make sure that the cable is not coiled and is no longer than necessary. Coiling the cable can cause cross talk or echo on the line. Signal strength and quality can be lost with long cables.

Step four: Check the telephone cord location

Make sure that the telephone cord is not located near any electrical appliances, such as fans, kitchen appliances, televisions, or anything with an electric motor. Many of these appliances do not have enough electrical shielding and can affect the telephone cord performance. Computers are usually shielded sufficiently and do not cause this problem.

If other telephone jacks in other rooms connect to the same telephone line, make sure that no telephone cords in those rooms are near any electrical devices.

Step five: Check for call-waiting service

Do not use a call-waiting service on the telephone line that connects to the product. The sound made by an incoming call can cause the outgoing fax to fail.
NOTE: Some telephone companies offer a dial code that customers can dial, before dialing out, that disables call-waiting for that call.

Step six: Check for blocked numbers

Some fax products allow you to block certain fax numbers. Make sure that the telephone number assigned to the product is not blocked by the receiving fax. The recipient can usually check the fax history in the fax software to find out whether the sending fax number is blocked.

Step seven: Enable or disable error correction mode

The error correction mode (ECM) monitors the signals on the telephone line while sending a fax. Try changing the ECM setting to resolve the issue. Follow these steps, depending on your product model.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 Premier (A909n) or 8500 Wireless (A909g) All-in-One (models with the touch-screen display):

    1. On the product control panel display, touch the Setup icon ( , and then touch Advanced Fax Setup .

    2. Touch Error Correction Mode , and then touch OFF .

    3. Try sending the fax again.
  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-One (model with a two-line display):

    1. On the product control panel display, press the Setup button ( ), press the right (>) or left (<) arrow button to scroll to Advanced Fax Setup , and then press OK .

    2. Press the right (>) or left (<) arrow button to scroll to Error Correction Mode , and then press OK .

    3. Press the right (>) or left (<) arrow button to scroll to Off , and then press OK .

    4. Try sending the fax again.

Step eight: Service the product

Contacting HP for service in Asia Pacific.

If you completed all the preceding steps and your product still has an issue, you might need further assistance from HP.

Go to Contact HP to review available service options.

Contacting HP for service in all countries/regions except Asia Pacific.

If you completed all the preceding steps and your product still has an issue, service the product.

First, go to HP Printer Warranty Check to check your warranty status, and then go to Contact HP to find an authorized service dealer or to schedule a repair. Repair fees might apply for out of warranty printers.

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