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HP Scanjet 7000/5000 - Reset the scanner

Reset the scanner

If you receive an error message similar to Scanner initialization failed or Scanner not found when trying to use the scanner, you should reset the scanner.

To reset the scanner, follow these steps:

  1. Close the HP Smart Document Scan Software and HP Scanner Tools Utility, if they are open.

  2. Disconnect the USB cable that connects the scanner to the computer.

  3. Turn the computer off, wait 60 seconds, and then turn on the computer.

  4. Reconnect the USB cable to a USB port on the back of the computer.

    • Make sure that the USB cable is connected to the back of the scanner correctly. The trident icon on the USB cable faces up when the cable is properly connected to the scanner.

    • Try connecting the USB cable to a different USB port on the back of the computer.

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