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HP Notebook PCs - Using the HotKeys with the Mobile Internet Experience

This document pertains to HP Mini models with the Mobile Internet Experience.

Using hotkeys

Hotkeys are combinations of the fn key (1) and one of the function keys (2).

The icons that are imprinted on the f1 through f4, f6, f8, f10, and f11 keys represent the hotkey functions. Hotkey functions and procedures are discussed in the following sections.

Available hotkeys and how to use them

To use a hotkey command on your HP Mini keyboard, briefly press the fn key, release the fn key, and then briefly press the second key in the hotkey command sequence.

Alternately, press and hold the fn key, press and hold the second key in the hotkey command sequence while you are still holding the fn key, and then release both keys at the same time.

Initiate Suspend
Switch the image devices (e.g., using VGA dongle)
Decrease screen brightness
Increase screen brightness
Lock the screen or Initiate QuickLock
Mute device sound
Decrease device sound
Increase device sound


Initiating Suspend ( fn+f1 )

Press fn+f1 to initiate suspend mode.

Your HP Mini must be turned on to initiate suspend mode. Initiating suspend mode stores your information in memory, clears the screen, and conserves power. The power light on your HP Mini blinks while it is in suspend mode. Be sure to save your work before entering suspend mode.

NOTE: If a critical battery level occurs while the device is in suspend mode, the HP Mini enters hibernation mode and stores the information that is in memory to the hard drive. If you do not want the HP Mini to enter hibernation mode when the battery level is critical, you can change this in the advanced power settings.

To exit suspend mode, briefly slide the power switch.

The function of the fn+f1 hotkey can be changed. For example, you can set the fn+f1 hotkey to initiate hibernation mode instead of suspend mode.

NOTE: References to the sleep button apply to the fn+f1 hotkey.

Switching the screen image ( fn+f2 )

Press fn+f2 to switch the screen image among display devices that are connected to your HP Mini. For example, if a monitor is connected to the HP Mini, pressing fn+f2 simultaneously displays the screen image on both the built-in display and the external monitor.

Most external monitors receive video information from the HP Mini using the external VGA video standard. The fn+f2 hotkey sequence can also alternate images among other devices receiving video information from the device.

The following video transmission types, with examples of devices that use them, are supported by the fn+f2 hotkey:

  • LCD (device display)

  • External VGA (most external monitors)


Decreasing screen brightness ( fn+f3 )

Press the fn+f3 at the same time to decrease screen brightness. Hold down the hotkey to incrementally decrease the brightness level.


Increasing screen brightness ( fn+f4 )

Press the fn+f4 keys at the same time to increase the screen brightness. Hold down the hotkey to incrementally increase the brightness level.


Initiating QuickLock ( fn+f6 )

Press the fn+f6 keys at the same time to initiate the QuickLock security feature.

QuickLock displays the logon window for the operating system to protect your information. When the logon window displays, a password is required to use the HP Mini.

To use QuickLock, press the fn+f6 keys at the same time to display the logon window and lock the device, and then follow the on-screen instructions to enter your password and use your HP Mini.


Muting speaker sound ( fn+f8 )

Press the fn+f8 keys to mute speaker sound. Press the hotkey again to restore speaker sound.


Decreasing speaker sound ( fn+f10 )

Press the fn+f10 keys at the same time to decrease speaker sound. Hold down the hotkey to incrementally decrease the speaker sound.


Increasing speaker sound ( fn+f11 )

Press the fn+f11 keys at the same time to increase speaker sound. Hold down the hotkey to incrementally increase speaker sound.


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