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HP Color LaserJet CM3530 MFP Series Products - Driver install screens may appear distorted

ISSUE: When performing a driver install using the Administrator CD-ROM a user may see distorted screens presented during the install process (See Figure 1). The sections of the screen that appear illegible are informational only screens and will not alter the driver installation or keep the user from being able answer the questions that are being asked of them. It can however make it hard to read the informational sections that are presented on the screen which may make it appear as if the driver installation is not being performed correctly.

Figure 1: HP Driver Installation Utility

SOLUTION: The distorted screens are seen because of Monitor DPI setting.

To complete the install process without distorted screens the DPI setting of the users monitor will need to be changed. Doing this on some computers may require the Windows system CD-ROMs which in some circumstances may not be readily available.

If there are concerns with changing the DPI for the Display Properties on the computer and / or if the user does not have access to the system disks it is not necessary to change the DPI to achieve a successful driver install. To do this the user will continue with the driver install understanding that some screens may not be legible but that the driver install will not be affected by this and should install without problems.

If the user wants to be able to read each screen?

If the user feels, it is necessary to be able to read each screen and has the Windows system CD-ROM available, they can access and change the Display properties by following instructions below:

  1. Right mouse clicking on the desktop and select Properties .

  2. When the screen seen below in Figure 2 is presented, click on the Advanced button.

    Figure 2: Display Properties

  3. Next, the screen seen below in Figure 3 will be presented and the DPI setting will need to be changed from 120 DPI to 96.

    Figure 3: DPI Setting

  4. Once this is done the computer will need to be restarted and after the computer boots back up the driver install can be performed again.

  5. After the install has been performed, these steps can be used again to set the DPI back to 120.

SUMMARY: Hewlett Packard is aware of the issue described in this document. A user should not expect to see any issues from performing an install with the distorted screens. Hewlett Packard may make changes to address this in a future CD-ROM roll for this product.

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