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StorageWorks HSJ80 CI Array Controller - Standard Models

New RoHS compliant part numbers

To find the latest RoHS compliance information, please use the HP PartSurfer at the web address of and click on one of the linked model numbers. When locating RoHS information, you must use the Option part number for the components or the sales order number for a system that the component is used in. You can find the sales order numbers in the Product QuickSpecs or on the Standard Models page for any relevant product.

By using the spare part number in PartSurfer, it will not provide any RoHS information. But a list of system models and option kits may be provided. Select one of the option kits or system models to obtain RoHS information on the component spare part number shown in the parts list for the option kit or system selected.


Standard models

For StorageWorks I (SW500/SW800) Racks
161414-B21 (DS-SWXM2-BA)
Single DS-HSJ80-LX Cluster Array Controller
161415-B21 (DS-SWXM2-AA)
Dual DS-HSJ80-LX Cluster Array Controllers
For Modular Storage (MA8000/EMA12000 Storage Systems)
HSJ80 Controller with 512-MB cache


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