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HP ProCurve 3400cl/4200vl/5300xl/6400cl Switch Series - Configuring The Device

Recommended minimal configuration

In the factory default configuration, the switch has no IP (Internet Protocol) address and subnet mask, and no passwords. In this state, it can be managed only through a direct console connection. To manage the switch through inband (networked) access, you should configure the switch with an IP address and subnet mask compatible with your network. Also, you should configure a Manager password to control access privileges from the console and web browser interface. Other parameters in the Switch Setup screen can be left at their default settings or you can configure them with values you enter.

Many other features can be configured through the switch’s console interface, to optimize the switch’s performance, to enhance your control of the network traffic, and to improve network security. Once an IP address has been configured on the switch, these features can be accessed more conveniently through a remote Telnet session, through the switch’s web browser interface, and from an SNMP network management station running a network management program, such as ProCurve Manager.

NOTE: By default, the switch is configured to acquire an IP address configuration from a DHCP or Bootp server. To use DHCP/Bootp instead of the manual method, refer to Management and Configuration Guide . Click here to go to Management and Configuration Guide .


Using the console setup screen

The quickest and easiest way to minimally configure the switch for management and password protection in your network is to use a direct console connection to the switch, start a console session, and access the Switch Setup screen.

  1. Using the method described in the preceding section, connect a terminal device to the switch and display the switch console command (CLI) prompt (the default display).

    The CLI prompt appears displaying the switch model number:

    Here is an example for ProCurve 3400cl-24G Switch

    ProCurve Switch 3400cl-24G#

  2. At the prompt, enter the setup command to display the Switch Setup screen. The following illustration shows the Setup screen with the default settings.

  3. Use the Tab key to select the Manager Password field and enter a manager password of up to 16 characters.

  4. Tab to the IP Config (DHCP/Bootp) field and use the Space bar to select the Manual option.
  5. Tab to the IP Address field and enter the IP address that is compatible with your network.
  6. Tab to the Subnet Mask field and enter the subnet mask used for your network.
  7. Press Enter , then S (for Save ).

    Here is some information on the fields in the Setup screen. For more information on these fields, refer to Management and Configuration Guide . Click here to go to Management and Configuration Guide .

    System Name
    Optional; up to 25 characters, including spaces
    System Contact
    Optional; up to 48 characters, including spaces
    Manager Password
    Recommended; up to 16 characters (no blank spaces)
    Logon Default
    The default setting selects the command line interface for console access. The alternative is the menu interface.
    Time Zone
    0 (none)
    Optional; 1440 to -1440. The number of minutes your location is to the West (-) or East (+) of GMT.
    Community Name
    Default setting recommended.
    Spanning Tree Enabled
    Default setting recommended unless STP is already running on your network or the switch will be used in complex network topologies.
    Default Gateway
    Optional; Enter the IP address of the next-hop gateway node if network traffic needs to be able to reach off-subnet destinations.
    Time Sync Method
    Optional; The protocol the switch uses to acquire a time signal. The options are SNTP and TimeP.
    TimeP Mode
    Optional; The method the switch uses to acquire the TimeP server address.
    IP Config (DHCP/Bootp)
    Set to Manual unless a DHCP/Bootp server is used on your network to configure IP addressing.
    IP Address
    Recommended; If you set IP Config to Manual, then enter an IP address compatible with your network.
    NOTE: The IP address and subnet mask assigned for the switch must be compatible with the IP addressing used in your network. For more information on IP addressing, refer to Management and Configuration Guide . Click here to go to Management and Configuration Guide .
    Subnet Mask
    Recommended; If you entered an IP address, then enter a subnet mask compatible with your network.

For more information on the console, web browser, and SNMP management interfaces and all the features that can be configured on the 3400cl/4200vl/5300xl/6400cl Switch series, refer to Management and Configuration Guide . Click here to go to Management and Configuration Guide .


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