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HP Notebook PCs - Testing a Webcam With MediaSmart in Windows 7

This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows 7 .

A webcam is built into the frame above the display screen on some HP notebooks. Since there is no power button or desktop icon for the webcam, the only way to test and use the webcam is to open a webcam application. Many of the applications used in Vista, such as CyberLink YouCam and QuickPlay, are incompatible with Windows 7. However, HP offers the MediaSmart suite for Windows 7 which includes a webcam application. HP MediaSmart Webcam can record videos, take snapshot photos, add text and animations to the image, track your movements with an avatar, and allow you to adjust the settings of the webcam.

Many people use their webcam in a video chat. You can use HP MediaSmart Webcam with most third party video chat programs. To learn more, see HP Notebook PCs - How to Set Up the HP Webcam in Your Favorite Messenger for Windows 7 .

For problems with the webcam drivers or HP MediaSmart Webcam software, see Troubleshooting the webcam .

Testing the webcam

To test the basic functionality of the webcam, use HP MediaSmart Webcam and follow the steps below.

  1. Click Start , enter Mediasmart , and click HP MediaSmart Webcam when it becomes available in the list.

  2. Once the application opens, you should see an image produced by the webcam.

  3. Click the Capture button to test the webcam's video quality.

    Click the Capture button again to stop the recording.

    In the right-column, double-click the video thumbnail to replay the video.

  4. Click the Snapshot button to test the webcam's photo quality.

    Double-click the photo thumbnail in the right-column to view the photo.

  5. Click any of the other categories to further test the webcam's capabilities with HP MediaSmart Webcam.

After successfully completing the tests, you may need to configure the webcam settings before using other webcam applications. To adjust the webcam settings, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Settings button.

  2. 1 - Click the Display tab.
    2 - Slide the black circle icon on the Brightness and Contrast bars to alter the webcam image.
    3 - Click Advanced Settings to adjust other settings as needed.
  3. Click OK to save your settings.

Sometimes the webcam image will look different when used with a third party instant messenger application. If you need to adjust the webcam settings again, repeat the steps above with HP MediaSmart Webcam.

Troubleshooting with third party instant messenger applications

Some third party instant messenger applications and webcam software come with their own webcam drivers. These drivers may conflict with the original webcam drivers and cause the webcam to stop responding. If this happens, use the table below to identify the problem and perform the recommended solution.

Troubleshooting the webcam

Use the following chart to identify a specific problem and recommended solutions.

Recommended Solution
I am unsure of what the problem is.
Begin your troubleshooting by running HP Support Assistant. It will identify if you have missing or conflicting drivers.
I have missing or conflicting webcam drivers.
To reinstall the webcam drivers, follow the steps below.
  1. Click Start , enter Device manager , then click Device Manager when it becomes available in the list.

  2. Double-click Imaging devices , then right-click HP Webcam .

  3. Click Update Driver Software .

  4. Select the option to have Windows automatically search for updated driver software.

  5. Install any new driver updates that display.

I have multiple webcam drivers.
To check if there are additional drivers installed and to delete the conflicting drivers, follow the steps below.
  1. Click Start , type Device Manager , and select Device Manager when it becomes available in the list.

  2. Double-click Imaging Devices .

    • If the HP webcam driver is the only driver listed, right-click and select Update driver software .

    • If there are multiple webcam drivers listed, right-click a driver and select Uninstall , repeat this action until the HP webcam driver is the only driver listed. Then right-click again and select Update driver software .

      to obtain the original webcam drivers.
I need the original webcam driver.
If the webcam driver is not listed in the Device Manager window, or you have removed all the imaging devices drivers, do the following activities to install the original webcam drivers using the HP System Recovery.
  1. Click Start , click All Programs , click System Recovery , and then click Application and Driver Recovery .

  2. On the Application and Driver Recovery window, select Driver installation and click Next .

  3. Select HP Webcam from the list, and click Install .

  4. When the installation is complete, click OK to save the settings.

  5. Allow the PC to restart and test the operation of the webcam.

When the webcam is operating, visit the Download drivers and software (and firmware) page on the HP web site to look for and install the latest updated webcam drivers. If the quality of the image is not acceptable, see the Help files provided by the software application manufacturer to test the webcam.
I need to install HP MediaSmart Webcam.
To install the latest version of HP MediaSmart Webcam, follow the steps below.
  1. Go to the HP Support and Drivers web site .

  2. Select your region, and then your language.

  3. Select the option for Download drivers and software (and firmware) , enter your notebook model in the product text box, and then press Enter .

  4. Select your version of Windows 7.

  5. Scroll down the page to the Software - Multimedia section, and click HP MediaSmart Webcam to install the software.

If the problem persists after performing the recommended solutions, contact an HP Support agent.

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