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HP Color LaserJet CP4025 and CP4525 Printer Series - USB connection causes PCL-XL errors or other printing errors or failures

ISSUE: When using a USB connection between PC and printer you may see a high percentage of failed jobs.

The most common error the printer may encounter is a PCL-XL error page when using a PCL6 driver.

This will occur if using the firmware date code – 20090915 06.072.0

SOLUTION: Upgrading to the latest firmware (20091110 07.010.3) will resolve this issue.

The firmware upgrade process for this device and error condition must be performed over a Network connection. Performing a firmware upgrade over a USB connection is not recommended and may cause additional issues. If a network is not present, instructions below will describe how to connect a printer and PC directly together using a single network cable.

CAUTION: Using an old PC may require a Crossover Ethernet cable.

Download the 20091110 07.010.3 firmware from .

Below are steps for setting up a peer to peer connection using a single network cable, if a network and IP address are not available.

Setting up your printer:

  1. On the front control panel of the printer press the OK button, and then press the DOWN arrow until you come to the CONFIGURE DEVICE menu. Press OK .

  2. Press the DOWN arrow until you come to the I/O menu and press OK .

  3. Press the DOWN arrow until you come to the EMBEDDED JETDIRECT menu and press OK .

  4. Press the DOWN arrow until you come to the TCP/IP menu and press OK .

  5. Press the DOWN arrow until you come to the IPV4 SETTINGS menu and press OK .

  6. On the CONFIG METHOD menu press the OK .

  7. Change CONFIG METHOD to MANUAL and press OK .

  8. Press the DOWN arrow until you come to the MANUAL SETTINGS menu and press OK .

  9. From the three menus enter the following

    1. IP ADDRESS:



Setting up your printer:

  1. Find your Local Area Connection within your Networking Connections Control panel. This can be found by clicking Start , click RUN , and then type in ncpa.cpl

  2. Right click and select Properties on your Local Area Connection. You will see a window similar to Figure 1.

    Figure 1: Local Area Connection Properties

  3. Click on the TCP/IPv4 connection (as shown in Figure 1.) the click on Properties .

  4. Within the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties window, select Use the following IP Address .

    Figure 2: Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties

  5. Enter in the following:

    1. IP ADDRESS:


  6. Click OK , Click Closed .

Ready to upgrade Firmware:

  1. Connect a single Ethernet Cable from your printer to your PC.

  2. Open an internet browser window.

  3. Enter the IP address assigned to the printer in the URL line and press Enter . (

  4. The Embedded Web Server will appear for this printer.

  5. Under the Information Tab Click the Print link.

  6. Click on the Browse Button and Choose/Find the firmware file you downloaded earlier. (Make sure you have already uncompressed the file)

  7. Click Apply on the right side of this window. Upgrade process will begin.

CAUTION: DO NOT close the browser window or let your PC go to sleep. If the browser is closed or interrupted the printer will not complete the Firmware upgrade properly.

The firmware upgrade process will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

SUMMARY: USB connection causes printing errors or failures. The most common error you will see is a PCL-XL error when printing using the PCL6 driver.

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