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HP ProCurve LAN Switches - Multi-user 802.1X Enhancements


The standard IEEE 802.1X implementation assumes a single edge node is attached to a given port. Any successful authentication will open the port to any and all traffic. If a multiport access device such as a hub, switch or Wireless Access Point is connected to the 802.1X controlled port, then the port would be opened to all users of the multiport device after a single user or device successfully authenticated. This is commonly referred to as "Port-based authentication".


HP ProCurve offers an enhancement to 802.1X known as Multi-user or “Multiple 802.1X User Authentication Per Port”. The feature was first introduced with the E.09.01 code version for the HP ProCurve Switch 5300xl series. Multi-user 802.1X is now available on most feature-line ProCurve switches introduced or updated since 2005. Check the documentation for the product in question in order to verify support for this feature.

Multi-user 802.1X allows for independent authentication of upto 32 separate users on each port. Users sharing an uplink through a multiport device are no longer permitted to access the network without their own successful authentication. Details on configuration and operation of Multi-user 802.1X appear in the Access and Security Guides for the products within which the feature is available. The section in the manual is typically titled “802.1X User-Based Access Control” .


Please refer to HP public website in the “Ask ProCurve (Knowledge Base)” of an article titled “HP ProCurve Switches – Multi-user 802.1X Enhancements (KB001522)” at the following URL:

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