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HP and Compaq All-in-One and HP TouchSmart Desktop PCs - Screen is Blank after Starting the Computer

This document pertains to HP and Compaq All-in-One and HP TouchSmart Desktop PCs.

Perform the steps in this document to resolve an issue where a screen has power but does not display anything.

Remove any media from the floppy drives, CD/DVD drives, USB ports, and memory card reader slots, and disconnect all non-essential devices (printers, scanners, external hard drives, and similar). Leave only the keyboard and mouse connected to the computer.

With the devices disconnected, restart the computer. If the screen now displays a picture and Windows starts properly, a device is preventing the computer from starting. See Updating the BIOS to resolve this issue.

If the screen does not display a picture or Windows does not start properly, select one of the symptoms that most closely matches the condition of the computer:

Screen remains blank and does not display the HP logo screen

Perform the following steps to reset the BIOS back to its default configuration:

NOTE: You can perform these steps even though the screen is blank.
  1. Turn off the computer, and then remove the power cord.

  2. With the power cord disconnected, press and hold the power button for five seconds.

  3. Reconnect the power cord, and then turn on the computer.

  4. Repeatedly press the F10 key about once every second for five seconds after turning the computer on.

  5. Wait five seconds.

  6. Press the F5 key. This restores the default settings of the BIOS.

  7. Press the Enter key. This accepts the changes.

  8. Press the F10 key. This opens the Save and Exit window.

  9. Press the Enter key. This saves the changes, exits the BIOS, and then the computer restarts.

  10. After the computer restarts, the screen should display the HP logo.

    • If the screen displays the HP logo and Windows starts properly, troubleshooting is complete.

    • If the screen remains blank after briefly displaying the HP logo screen and Windows does not start properly, continue troubleshooting.

    • If the above steps have been tried at least three times and the screen is still blank (does not display the HP logo), the computer might require service. Contact HP (in English) for more information.

Screen briefly displays the HP logo screen

A blank screen and quiet clicking noises can be normal while the computer is attempting to change the display resolution or other display settings. If the screen stays blank for more than five seconds and then reverts back to the same display settings (no change is noticeable), then the screen was not able to enter into the new display settings.

Perform the following steps to change the display resolution:

NOTE: If you cannot select the display resolution, update the video drivers, and then repeat these steps.
  1. Turn on the computer, and then press the F8 key repeatedly when the HP logo screen is displayed.

  2. Change the display resolution to the low resolution environment as follows:

  3. The screen should now display Windows properly.

    • If the screen displays Windows properly, troubleshooting is complete.

    • If the screen does not display Windows properly, Contact HP (in English) for additional assistance.

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