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HP 4500 Switch - How to factory reset a 4500 Switch

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HP 4500 Switch - How to factory reset a 4500 Switch

SoftwareFirmware Version:



3CR17762TAA-91 HP E4500-48G (TAA) Switch

3CR17761TAA-91 HP E4500-24G (TAA) Switch

3CR17771TAA-91 HP E4500-24G-PoE (TAA) Switch

3CR17772TAA-91 HP E4500-48G-PoE (TAA) Switch

3CR17562-91 HP E4500-24 Switch

3CR17571-91 HP E4500-24-PoE Switch

3CR17572-91 HP E4500-48-PoE Switch

3CR17762-91 HP E4500-48G Switch

3CR17771-91 HP E4500-24G Switch

3CR17772-91 HP E4500-48G-PoE Switch

3CR17762-91 HP E4500-48G Switch


To reset your 4500 device to factory defaults, please follow the below procedure:

- Connect a computer to the serial console port of your device

- Establish a serial connection to your device

- Reboot your device

- As soon as the BOOT MENU screen is visible, press the CTRL + B keys on your keyboard to access the bootloader menu, the screen should look similar to this:


1. Download application file to flash

2. Select application file to boot

3. Display all files in flash

4. Delete file from flash

5. Modify bootrom password

6. Enter bootrom upgrade menu

7. Skip current configuration file

8. Set bootrom password recovery

9. Set switch startup mode

0. Reboot

Enter your choice(0-9): 7

- Select option 7: Skip current configuration file

- The switch will boot up without loading the already stored configuration file, this automatically boots the switch in the default configuration

- wait until the boot sequence of the device has completed, login to the device with the default credentials as mentioned in the device manual.

- Save the configuration to the flash ROM of the device, if the device asks to overwrite the current configuration file, confirm with "Y(es)"

- Reboot the device again, you device should now operate with the factory default settings.


4500 device needs to be reset to factory defaults


password forgotten

unit mis-configured

password changed


unit not reachable

login to unit not possible

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