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HP Designjet L25500 Printer Series - Eight System Beeps on Start Up


A user starts the printer and hears some tweedle tones (similar to the sound a FAX machine makes on a voice phone speaker), then eight evenly-spaced beeps. This indicates the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) may have poor connection(s) or the HDD has a defect. Following these steps can resolve the issue.


  1. Un-plug the power cords from the printer as it makes end-user ESD safe.

  2. Remove the EE Box Cover as shown here:

  3. Locate the HDD. Find it's connection on the top of the SATA Bridge. Disconnect the SATA connection. To ensure best connection, remove and then re-seat the SATA Bridge as shown here:

    NOTE: When installing the SATA Bridge, the orientation of the board is important, as it is possible to install incorrectly:
    • Ensure the board is inserted in the center of the receiving socket.

    • Make sure the orientation of the connections are as shown, above.

  4. With the SATA connector still disconnected from the SATA Bridge, keep the connector away from any part inside the printer, connect the power cables to the printer and power it on. The firmware will make the printer try to find the HDD but it is not connected, so it will make the same eight beeps.

  5. Power the printer off and remove the power cables. Then re-connect the SATA connector to the SATA Bridge. Re-install the EE Box Cover and power on.

Now the printer firmware boot-up process will find the HDD and so may recover and boot up normal without any system beeps. That indicates there was probably a poorly connected SATA Cable or SATA Bridge which end-user has just now resolved by the above steps. If the same eight beeps recur, the HDD should be replaced with a new HP Designjet L25500 HDD.

NOTE: The HP Designjet L25500 HDD is a user-replaceable part.


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