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HP LaserJet P2015 Printer Series - Replace the Memory

To view a video demonstrating the procedure for removing the part click here to access the Services Media Library ( Select Printers and Multifunction under the Product category , select HP Color LaserJet Printers under the Product family , and then select the printer model under the product series category.

Memory replacement

If you add memory (RAM only) to the HP LaserJet P2015 Series printer, you can print more complex print jobs.

To install a DIMM, follow the instructions below:

CAUTION: Handling a DIMM (memory) without wearing a grounded, antistatic device might damage the DIMM. Touch any metal part of the printer or other grounded metal before touching the DIMM.
  1. Use the power switch to turn off the printer, and then unplug all of the cables and cords connected to the printer.

  2. Open the DIMM door.

  3. Remove the DIMM from the antistatic bag it came in, grasping the DIMM on the top edge.

  4. With the gold contacts facing upward, insert the DIMM in the DIMM seat and press the DIMM body in until the metal retaining pins click.

  5. Close the DIMM door.

  6. Reconnect all printer cables and cords, and then use the power switch to turn on the printer.


Parts return

If your part requires return then click on the appropriate link below:

Click here for the defective parts return procedure for US .

Click here for the defective parts return procedure for Europe .


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