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HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP5520 Printer Series - Reset Factory Settings Overview and Instructions


Using the control panel or embedded web server the user can reset the device to the original factory settings. This can be done for all setting or for individual groups of settings. Listed below are the reset groups and the setting that will be reset within each group. When executing resets the customer may wish to perform the Backup/Restore process before executing any resets.

Factory Reset Groups

To access this functionality follow the menu path Administration -> General Settings -> Restore Factory Settings.


  • Stored engine calibration data

  • Engine color density data


  • Display and sound settings for the control panel

  • Localization settings (clock format, date format, etc)

  • Error and warning log behavior

  • Default media settings

  • Sleep mode and sleep delay settings

  • Internal backup file max size

  • Third party extensibility installer solutions, tasks and pending tasks

  • Http job defaults

  • Clears the error, warning and info logs

  • Supported media types

  • Resets JetLink connected external devices


  • Print default job, stored job and quick set settings

  • Some print job usage data

  • Print system configuration settings


  • Default Authentication agent

  • Authentication agents

  • Policy agents

  • Color access control

Cold Reset (Executed in the PreBoot menu)

How to access Cold Reset:
  1. Turn the product on.

  2. Press the Stop button when the Ready, Data and Attention LEDs illuminate solid.

  3. Press the Down arrow button to highlight Administrator , and then press the OK button.

  4. Press the Down arrow button to highlight Startup Options , and then press the OK button.

  5. Press the Down arrow button to highlight Cold Reset , and then press the OK button to select this option.

  6. Press the Back button twice to highlight the Continue , and then press the OK button. The printer will continue to boot to Ready.


  • User configured device information (Device name, location, asset number, company name, etc.) - - - - . - - -

  • Time server configuration

  • Some localization settings

  • Web content other links

  • Removes internal backup files

  • Auto send configuration settings

  • SMTP servers associated with Auto send and Alerts

  • Alerts notification list


  • Secure file erase mode

  • Configured certificates

  • Identity Certificates

  • PJL password

  • Admin credential password

  • JetDirect password

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