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HP t5335 Thin Clients - Bootloader

The t5335 does not use a BIOS; instead, the t5335 uses a bootloader named uBoot. uBoot allows you to configure a limited number of parameters.

uBoot does not have an F10 setup menu. To configure the following settings, boot the unit to ThinPro. You must be in administrator mode to configure these settings. Navigate to Control Panel > Setup > ThinPro Configuration, and then select the System tab.

You can set the following parameters:

  • Asset Location

  • Asset Number

  • Enable/disable Wake-on LAN

    To enter Wake-on LAN mode, you must gracefully shutdown from Linux by either selecting Poweroff from the user interface or by pressing the power button.

Restoring a Corrupt uBoot

If uBoot on the thin client is corrupt, the unit will not boot. The unit must be sent back for repair.

Updating uBoot

To update uBoot:

  1. Create a ThinState key as described in the "Restoring the Flash Image" section of the Troubleshooting Guide at .

  2. Insert the key into a computer.

  3. Edit the file settings.ini to set useQuickImageMode to 0.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Copy the new uBoot binary to the uBoot directory on the USB drive.

  6. Safely remove the USB drive from the computer

  7. Boot the ThinState USB drive as described in "Booting from a USB Flash Drive" section of the Troubleshooting Guide at .

  8. After about 15 seconds, the unit beeps and a menu is displayed.

  9. Type 4 to enter Update uBoot Mode and follow the on-screen prompts.

Do not turn off power or attempt to reboot the computer during the upgrade process.

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