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HP Scanjet Scanners - Error 42, 4,[(3,42,0)], prohibits scanning when Preview is turned on

ISSUE: If the Preview option is on (default), scanning of any type will result in a HP Scanning, pop-up error message. The Extended Error Information shows: 4,[(3,42,0)]. This condition is exclusive to the Windows 7 Operating System.

Figure 1: Extended Error Information

When attempting a scan, the preview window momentarily displays the scanned image in a small window in the upper left corner of the screen, immediately followed by the pop-up message. The scan is terminated.

Figure 2: Preview Window

  1. Right click on the Desktop, click on Personalize, and then click Display.

  2. Change the DPI settings from the current setting to Smaller - 100% (default). Click Apply, and then Log off now.

    Figure 3: Changing DPI Settings

  3. When logged back on, scanning at this DPI should work fine. After scanning with Preview on at the default DPI, the DPI can be increased or decrease to the desired percentage.

CAUSE: The display DPI percentage has been increased prior to Installing the Solution Center Software. When Scanning with Preview on, Solution Center fails when attempting to draw the preview image on the screen. At this time, the issue is believed to be related to High DPI Awareness and resides within HP’s Image Processing Software, Non-HP site .

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