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HP ProLiant ML150 G5 Server - How to Configure 6-Port SATA RAID Controller


The user does not find the configuration menu when powering on the server.


Using the RAID configuration utility:

  1. Power down the computer, and then restart it.

  2. When the appropriate prompt appears during POST, press Ctrl+A .

  3. From the menu, select Array Configuration Utility .

  4. From the array configuration utility menu, select Create Array .

  5. Browse with the arrow keys to select a channel.

  6. Select a drive to be used in the new array, and then press the Insert key. To deselect a drive, highlight the drive and then press the Delete key. The utility displays the largest usable space available for the drive. Use available space from multiple drives for the new array. The maximum size of a logical drive on this controller is 2TB.

  7. Repeat the previous step until all the drives are selected that are to be used in the array.

  8. Press the Enter key.

  9. Select an array type and then press the Enter key.

  10. Type an optional label for the array and then press the Enter key.

  11. Accept the default array size or type in the size of the array. If specified a smaller array size, the remaining space can be used in other arrays.

  12. Select a stripe size. The allowable stripe sizes are 16, 32, and 64KB (the default). The default stripe size provides the best overall performance in most network environments.

  13. Specify whether the read and write cache should be enabled for this array.

  14. Select the method by which the array has to be created.

  15. Select Done .

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