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HP P2000 G3 MSA Array Systems - Adding Mixed Enclosure Types


HP P2000 G3 dual controller with two MSA2000 G2 enclosures with data already stored on them. Is it possible to add three additional trays: one D2700 and two P2000?


The following steps have to be taken to change the configuration:

First need to detach the MSA2000 G2 enclosures because of 3GB data throughput.

So connect the HP StorageWorks P2000 6Gb 3.5" 12-drive enclosure, then HP StorageWorks D2700 6Gb drive enclosure and after that HP StorageWorks MSA2000 3Gb 3.5" 12-drive enclosure in order to get the max data throughput.

It is always recommended to take the backup of data and then go for the configuration change.

Logically it should not affect the existing data but again it is not a good practice to do any configuration change when something is online.

The information is in the cable Configuration guide and the Best Practices guide .

Click here to access the "Cable Configuration Guide" at:

The above link shows how Fault-tolerant and Straight Through cabling are configured.

Click here to access the "Best practices Guide" at:

This states that 3G enclosures (MSA2000 JBOD) must come at the end of the SAS line and Straight Through Cabling is required.

User connected the trays in the following order: P2000 G3 controller, D2700, P2000, P2000, MSA2000, MSA2000 using straight-through cabling. Also applied firmware updates. Everything works and no data has been lost.

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