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HP P4000 SAN Solutions - Update from 8.1 to 9.x San/iQ


What is the process for updating from 8.1 to 9.x San/iQ?


The update process should go as follows:

Upgrade the firmware for the controller and the disk drives from the 9.3 Firmware DVD 1st.

Spock, this is for firmware updates, see page 9 for instructions. User will need an hp passport to login:

Click here to upgrade the firmware and the disk drives at:

The recommended size of the USB is no larger than 2GB.

Upgrade the CMC

Update to the latest cmc 9.5 the download location for this can be found at P4000 SW Depot. Go to the following web site:

Click here to access the HP P4000 Software Downloads at:

Upgrade the FOM to latest version

The update software can be obtained at the following web site:

Click here to access the HP P4000 Software Downloads at:

Upgrade everything else from the CMC

NOTE: All files used for updating will need to be put in to the directory C:\Program Files\HP\P4000\UI\downloads.

8.1 to 9.x update steps:

After the cmc has been update to the latest version user will need to update the 8.1 to 8.5 san/iq before continuing the update.

The software user will need is at the following ftp web site:

Click here to access the FTP root at to update san/iq at:

Down load the following files:

  • SANiQ_8.5.00.0319_20100326_all.upgrade

  • 10098-00.20110107.patch

  • 10115-00.20111103.patch

  • upgrades.xml

NOTE: Set the cmc to advance support mode. This can be found under the help tab > preferences.

Update Non manager nodes 1st, then manager nodes, then vip nodes. If a vm exists, delete the vm from the node, and move it to another before updating the vm node.

Updating to 8.5 process:

  1. Update to 8.5 using the all.upgrade.

  2. Apply the 10098 patch

    Click here to access or download SAN/iQ memory utilization, multi-terabyte snapshot delete and Network RAID 5/6 upgrade patch. Applies to SAN/iQ 8.5 at:

  3. Apply the 10115 patch.

Without this patch, CPU utilization may spike to 100%, the management group to fail to accept the new storage system. Installing this patch does not require restarting services.

Updating to 9.x:

Check the following url for the update levels for the system.

Click here to check the update levels from HP P4000 SAN Solutions Compatibility Matrix at:

If user has systems that will be updated to 9.0 only the following site can be used to download the 9.0 software.

Click here to download HP P4000 9.0 Software Downloads at:

The 9.0 patch set 5 can be located at:

Click here to access or download 9.0 Patch Set 05 - Patch 20050-00 SAN/iQ 9.0 Improvements. Applies to SAN/iQ 9.0 and 9.0.01 at:

It there is a problem locating or downloading these patches user can also download them from the following ftp site.

Click here to download the patches from FTP root at at:

NOTE: NOTE: If user will have a mix of San/iQ versions, user will need 10115 for 8.5 and 10116 for 9.0 San/iQ.

This update can be done using advanced support mode.

Updating to 9.5.

The 9.5 cmc will need to download a number of files to complete the update. This download may take some time depending on the network speed. The size of the download is > 5gb.

SAN/iQ 9.5 is now also available on:

Note that we don’t deliver FOM and VSA installers via Online Upgrade. Users will need to get installers for these products from P4000 SW Depot page given below:

Click here to access the P4000 downloads page at:

9.5 upgrade Release Notes:

Click here to access the HP P4000 SAN Solution Software Release Notes at:

Quick start Manual:

Click here to access the HP P4000 SAN Solution Quick Start Guide at:

The 9.5 user guide:

Click here to access the HP P4000 SAN Solution User Guide at:

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