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HP t510 Thin Client - FTP Update

HP FTP Image Update Client is a utility that allows image update from an FTP share to an HP thin client system running the Windows Embedded Standard (WES) operating system.

FTP Image Update is only provided on the t5570 WES image.

For FTP Image Update to function properly, it requires the following available free space on the client:

  • Approximately 200MB of flash

  • Approximately 250MB of RAM

FTP Image Update over wireless is not supported

For greater usage flexibility and to take advantage of all the features provided in the latest image, HP recommends at least:

  • 1 GB of flash

  • 1 GB of RAM

Server Requirements

DCHP Server

Option 137 should contain a string value specifying an FTP share where the XPe images and WinPE image are stored.

For example, if the XPe images and WinPE image are stored in ftp://ftpserver/ftpfolder, then the option DHCP option 137 should contain the following string:

  • ftp://username:password@ftpserver/ftpfolder
    , if the FTP share is protected

    – or –

  • ftp://ftpserver/ftpfolder
    , if the FTP share allows anonymous access

FTP Server

The XPe images (in .IBR format) and the WinPE image provided by HP must reside in the same folder on the FTP server.


The HP FTP Image Update Client can only be run by an administrator on an HP thin client system which has license to run XP Embedded operating system.

Host Settings

There are two ways to specify host settings:

  1. You can manually enter settings by clearing the Get Host Settings from DHCP server check box and filling in appropriate information to the Host ID, Path, User ID, and Password boxes.

    If the FTP share allows anonymous read access, then you can leave the User ID and Password boxes empty.

    If the XPe images and WinPE image are stored in the default (root) folder on the FTP server, then you can leave the Path box empty or fill the box with /.

  2. Automatically through a DHCP option by selecting the Get Host Settings from DHCP server check box.

These host settings can be saved and committed by clicking on the Save Settings button. When the applet is invoked again, the settings will be retrieved and the corresponding controls are automatically populated.

Select Image to Update

Once the host settings are entered, either manually or automatically through DHCP, then click the Refresh Image List button to make the applet query the FTP share for all XPe images whose targeted BIOS families match the one of the current thin client system, and fill in the drop-list combo box to the left of the button. You can choose any of the listed images to update/image the system.

When ready, you can click the Run Image Update Now button to proceed with the image update using the selected image. A confirmation dialog similar to the following is displayed.

Click No to abort the operation. If you click Yes, the HP FTP Image Update Client confirms that the flash drive has at least 200MB free to host the WinPE image. If the flash drive does not, the following error message is displayed.

If the flash device has enough memory, the update client starts the download of the WinPE image, modifies the boot loader to boot to WinPE in the next system restart, and then restarts the system to continue to the WinPE phase.

Once WinPE is loaded, IBRPE is spawned to image the system’s flash drive using the selected image from the FTP share. When the imaging completes, IBRPE automatically restarts the system to enter the FBA phase.

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