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CUSTOMER NOTICE: HP ESL E-series LTO-5 Ultrium 3280 8 Gb Fibre Channel drive firmware I5EW is available


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CUSTOMER NOTICE: HP ESL E-series LTO-5 Ultrium 3280 8 Gb Fibre Channel drive firmware I5EW is available

Release Date: 2012-07-10

Last Updated: 2012-07-10


The HP ESL E-series LTO-5 Ultrium 3280 8 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) drive firmware I5EW is available for HP ESL E-series libraries offering new functionality and enhanced reliability.

For workarounds, enhancements, and resolutions, review the release notes. Instructions to access the release notes are located in the Details section below.


Updates in I5EW

  • Overlapped command can be reported if exchange ID from a previous aborted command is reused.

  • Resolved an issue for an assert if a second TLS connection is attempted to the same port.

  • Resolved an issue where spacing performance is affected by an unnecessary reposition.

  • Resolved an issue for possible write hangs due to internal hardware turn-on sequencing.

  • Resolved an issue where intermittent Ethernet communication failed when reading data from an iADT TLS port.

  • Resolved a vulnerability in the MAC driver code because the code was not thread-safe.

Compatibility reference

For full functionality of all new features, make sure that you are using the following firmware versions:

ESL E-Series Tape Library
Library (and robotics)
Command View TL
Interface Manager
2 Gb Fibre Channel Interface Controllers
4 Gb Fibre Channel Interface Controllers
LTO5 drives
LTO4 drives
LTO3 drives


  1. Go to .

  2. Under storage, click Tape Storage and Media.

  3. Under Enterprise Class Tape Libraries, click HP ESL E-series Tape Library.

  4. Select your product and operating system.

  5. In the Description column of the table, click the title of the firmware:

    • To download the firmware, click Download.

    • To read the release notes, click the Release Notes tab.

If you have trouble finding your product or firmware, use the Product Search function from .

Alternatively, firmware files are available externally through the Library and Tape Tools diagnostic:

Once the download has started, do not power off the unit or interrupt the firmware download process until the firmware download is complete. Doing so could leave the product in a non-usable state.

Active firmware versions

Active firmware versions
HP ESL E-series LTO-5 Ultrium 8 Gb 1840 FC
June 2012
Current with this release
HP ESL E-series LTO-5 Ultrium 8 Gb 1840 FC
December 2011
HP ESL E-series LTO-5 Ultrium 8 Gb 1840 FC
October 2011

Proactive Updates

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Hardware Platforms Affected: HP ESL E-series LTO-5 Ultrium 3280 Fibre Channel Drive Kit(Standard HP Product), HP ESL E-series Tape Libraries
Operating Systems Affected: Not Applicable
Software Affected: Not Applicable
Support Communication Cross Reference ID: IA03405181
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