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HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers - SmartStart and the Firmware DVD Are Not Supported (Use Intelligent Provisioning)


SmartStart and the Firmware DVD are not supported on HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, and the CDs and DVD do not ship with HP ProLiant Gen8 servers.


Intelligent Provisioning is a single-server deployment tool embedded in all HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, and replaces the SmartStart CDs and Smart Update Firmware DVD shipped with previous generation HP ProLiant servers.

Use Intelligent Provisioning for the following:

  • Installing Microsoft Windows, Red Hat and SUSE Linux, and VMware operating systems (Only 64-bit version Operating Systems).

  • Performing maintenance-related tasks such as firmware updates, iLO configuration, and configuring Smart Array using ACU.

To access Intelligent Provisioning , power up the HP ProLiant Gen8 server and press the F10 key during system boot.

For more information about using Intelligent Provisioning , see the server setup poster or the HP Intelligent Provisioning User Guide on the HP website at the below given link:

Click here to access the "HP Intelligent Provisioning Page" .

NOTE: Smart Update Firmware DVD Version: 10.10 (4 Jun 2012) is the final version of the Smart Update Firmware DVD. The HP Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) will replace the Smart Update Firmware DVD later this year. During this transition period, both products are released concurrently for this final time.

The SPP 2012.06.0 contains the same content and functionality as the following products :

  • Smart Update Firmware DVD version 10.10

  • ProLiant Support Pack for Windows version 9.10

  • ProLiant Support Pack for Linux version 9.10

After this release, the SPP will be the only product delivering components for HP ProLiant servers, options, and BladeSystems in a single package.

For more information on the SPP, refer the following link:

Click here to access the document "HP Service Pack for ProLiant" .

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