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HP LaserJet Pro 500 color MFP M570 - Toner collection unit

Part number
Toner Collection Unit
Receptacle for waste toner

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Replace the toner collection unit

Replace the toner collection unit when the product control panel prompts you.

The toner collection unit is designed for a single use. Do not attempt to empty the toner collection unit and reuse it. Doing so could lead to toner being spilled inside the product, which could result in reduced print quality. After use, return the toner collection unit to HP’s Planet Partners program for recycling.
If printing documents that require heavy toner coverage, the toner collection unit can fill quickly. If printing these types of documents, HP recommends that you have another toner collection unit available.
  1. Open the front door. Make sure that the door is completely open.

    1: Open the front door

  2. Grasp the blue label at the top of the toner collection unit, and then remove the toner collection unit from the product.

    2: Remove the toner-collection unit

  3. Place the attached blue cap over the blue opening at the top of the unit.

    3: Attach the cap

  4. Remove the new toner collection unit from its packaging.

    4: New toner-collection unit

  5. Insert the bottom of the new unit into the product first, and then push the top of the unit until it clicks into place.

    5: Install the toner-collection unit

  6. Close the front door.

    6: Close the front door

    If the toner collection unit is not installed correctly, the front door does not close completely.

To recycle the used toner collection unit, follow the instructions included with the new toner collection unit.

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