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HP A-Series (H3C and 3COM) Switches -"Configuring Hybrid Ports for IP Phones" (Single interface for Data and Voice Vlan's)


A user wants to know how to use the ports for Data and Voice.


As listed below:

OPT Case ID : 4691775343
Status : Closed
Customer : Wipro Infotech.
Issue : Configuration assistance
Product : A-Series
Description : Customer wants to know "How to Configure Hybrid Ports for IP Phones" on H3C and 3COM switches.

Creating Hybrid Ports for IP Phones

Hybrid Ports:

  • Belongs to multiple VLAN.

  • Multiple VLANs can be untagged and tagged.

  • Typically used for IP Phones connection.

  • Also in conjunction with Protocols VLAN, IP Subnet VLANs.

Example config:

Hybrid ports can be assigned to multiple VLAN as tagged or untagged.

Set Hybrid ports using a Port Group:

[SW]port-group manual phones-1
[SW-port-group-manual-phones-1]group-member gi1/0/11 to gi1/0/20
[SW-port-group-manual-phones-1]port link-type hybrid

Set Data VLAN 100 as the Native VLAN:

[SW-port-group-manual-phones-1]port hybrid PVID 100

NOTE: Hybrid port is still part of VLAN 1. Then Remove hybrid port from VLAN 1.

[SW-port-group-manual-phones-1]undo port hybrid vlan1 untagged

Set VLAN 200 as Voice VLAN:

Makes VLAN tagged on port and auto-qosif Phone SNMP OUI Is detected.

[SW-port-group-manual-phones-1]voice vlan200 enable

List Hybrid Ports:

[SW-A]display port hybrid
Interface PVID VLAN passing
GE1/0/11 100 Tagged: 200 Untagged:100
GE1/0/12 100 Tagged: 200 Untagged:100 ... (skip display)

[SW-1]display current-configuration interface gi1/0/11

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/11
port link-type hybrid
port hybrid vlan200 tagged
port hybrid vlan100 untagged
port hybrid PVID 100
undo port hybrid vlan1 untagged

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