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Configure HP Pocket Playlist for Multiple Network Connections

This document pertains to the HP Pocket Playlist.

NOTE: This is an edited copy from the printed format of the HP Pocket Playlist User Guide. To obtain a better representation of the printed form, refer to the manuals section of this product’s support site.

When you establish a wireless connection from your mobile device to HP Pocket Playlist, your mobile device may drop the existing connection to your default wireless access point. You can configure your mobile device to allow connections to both sources.

These configuration settings are available from your computer or mobile device.

CAUTION: Other people can access your HP Pocket Playlist and modify its files when connected to a public network. HP recommends that you use hotspot mode only on trusted networks, such as your home network. For more information, see Setting up the HP Pocket Playlist .

To allow your computer or mobile device to access the HP Pocket Playlist and the internet at the same time, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings screen for the HP Pocket Playlist.

  2. Set Hotspot Mode to On.

  3. Select the network you want your computer or mobile device to connect to in addition to HP Pocket Playlist, and then enter the network password.

  4. If you want to prohibit access to HP Pocket Playlist from other devices connected to your router, click Yes next to Hidden in Network,

    - or -

    If you want to allow access to HP Pocket Playlist by other devices connected to your router, click No next to Hidden in Network.

    CAUTION: HP recommends that you set Hidden in Network to Yes when connected to unsecured or public networks.
  5. Click Save.

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