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HP LaserJet 5SI, 8000, 8100, 8150 and Mopier 240/320 Series Printers - 69.X Errors Relating to Duplex Issues

ISSUE: A 69.X error is displayed on the printer control panel and on the Event Log. The 69 error indicates a temporary error relating to the printer's Duplexer.
SOLUTION: Perform the following to resolve the issue:
  1. Turn the printer off and then back on again to see if the error clears.

  2. If the error will not clear then turn the printer off and remove the Duplexer. To remove the Duplexer open the left access door.(if the printer is equipped with an high capacity output device pull it away from the printer first) and push down on the tab as shown in Figure 1 then pull the Duplexer out of the printer.

    Figure 1: How to remove the Duplexer

  3. Shut the left access door and push the high capacity output device (if equipped) back into position. Power up the printer, if it comes to a READY status then the issue is with the Duplexer. If the printer still powers up with a 69.X error on the control panel without the Duplexer installed then call HP Technical Support or a local Service Provider for further assistance.

How to Inspect the Duplexer for any damage

On the Duplexer check the following, if any of these are damaged the Duplexer will need to be replaced.

  • Check overall for any obstructions such as stuck media or any physical damage.

  • Verify that the sensor shown in Figure 2, call-out 1 moves freely and there are no obstructions.

  • Verify functionality of the paper guides shown in Figure 2, call-out 2 by manually pushing them together and then apart. The guides are the black plastic pieces directly under the number 2 callouts. The guides should easily move back and forth in the direction indicated by the arrows.

  • Check that the black roller in the center shown in Figure 2, call-out 3 is not damaged and the flat side of the roller is facing downward on top of the white rollers that are directly underneath the black roller.

  • Verify the two sensors located through the small holes (Figure 2, call-out 4) toggle by sliding a piece of paper through the paper path (under the rollers).

  • Check the connecter (Figure 2, call-out 5) for any broken or bent pins. Also make sure there are no stuck pieces of paper in the connector.

  • Turn the Duplexer over and on the backside; inspect the white gears (Figure 3, call-out 1) for damage such as missing or damaged teeth.

  • After inspecting the Duplexer if no damage can be found turn the printer off, reinstall the Duplexer and power the printer up again to see of the error has cleared. If the error still will not clear when the Duplexer is installed then the Duplexer will need to be replaced.

Figure 2: Top of the Duplexer

1 - Toggle this sensor
2 - Paper Guides
3 - Black Roller
4 - Two Sensors to be toggled
5 - Connector

Figure 3: Back side of Duplexer

1 - White gears to be checked

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