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Use the HP Support Center to search an extensive collection of support content such as technical documents, manuals and forum postings.

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Search tools

You can search all available HP Support Center content, from the following locations:

Location of search How to focus/limit results
Search box, at the top of all HP Support Center pages. Enter a product name, question, or keywords. Use "More options" to search HP Support Center or all of HP to include marketing, sales and consumer information.
Advanced search. HP Support Center > Knowledge Base > Search HP Support Center Criteria: all words, any word, exact phrase, boolean. Filters: content type, date, results display.
Login recommended but not required.
Contextual search, on any product page. Searches for content specific to the selected product.
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Product contextual search

Search within the context of an individual product. Navigate to a product using the product selector, then enter the keyword. The results are specific to the product and the keyword.

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Saved search

If you sign in with your HP Passport ID, you can save up to ten searches. These searches can include parameters such as product, keywords, and content type. When you run a saved search, it is run against the latest version of the content repository, so results may differ from earlier searches made with the same saved search.

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Partial match

If a search finds zero results because not all keywords were found in a document, it will then look for a partial match, looking for any of the keywords, and display those results.

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Search by document ID

You can search for content by document ID, if you know it. Some content, such as forum postings, certain manuals, white papers and drivers do not have document IDs. Filter options are ignored in a search by document ID.

If you cannot find the document, be sure you have entered the document ID correctly. It may be that you do not have access rights to a document based on your entitlement level, or the document may be for company internal use only.

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Search by product and keyword

Note: Although you can search by product and keyword, in general you will get better results by selecting a product first. Use the product contextual search to do so.

Search for products by name, using keyword search. A keyword is any text you enter into the search box, including a product name. If the product name contains a space, surround the name with quotes. Use the radio buttons below the search box, and the additional filters described below, to search more effectively.

Radio Button Result Examples
All Words Results contain all keywords, in any order. Space character functions as a Boolean AND (+). You can use search patterns. See examples in search patterns, below.
Any Word Results contain one or more keywords, in any order. Space functions as a Boolean OR. Proliant disk array
Exact Match Exact keyword pattern. Same as using quotes elsewhere. Proliant DL380 G6
Boolean Use these characters:
+ (plus sign): Inclusion. The string immediately after the + must appear in the results.
- (dash): Exclusion. The string immediately after the - cannot appear in the results.
" (quotes): Same as quotes elsewhere.
(space): Boolean OR. Same as Any Word.
Proliant +array
Proliant -array
"Proliant DL380 G6"
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Search patterns using All Words

Search with All Words selected, to use search patterns, with the characters listed below. The plus sign (+) meaning required inclusion or Boolean AND is the default in All Words, so is redundant and therefore not listed.

Search Character Usage Examples Result
* (asterisk) Wildcard, matching zero or more alphanumeric characters. Only one asterisk per pattern.  
Document containing any word:
- beginning with "c000"
- ending in "ing"
- starting with "co" and ending with "ing" (if intervening characters are alphanumeric)
? (question mark) Wildcard, matching exactly one alphanumeric character. 652?4 Documents containing:
65264, 65244, but not 652864 or 652_4.
- (dash) Exclusion.
No space between - and the following character.
java -verbose myClass

"java -verbose myClass"

Documents containing "java" and "myClass" but not "verbose".

If the string you are searching for includes a dash, use quotes (second example).

Note that non-alphanumeric characters are ignored in both the search string and in the document text to be searched. They are effectively replaced with a space character. Question marks and asterisks do not match spaces in this context, so a search containing either will not match a non-alphanumeric character. Examples:

Search Pattern Document text Match Reason
PHSS?37446 PHSS_37446 No Underscore (_) in document replaced with space, ? does not match a space.
PHSS?37446 PHSS 37446 No ? does not match a space.
PHSS_37446 PHSS_37446 Yes Underscore (_) replaced with space in both search string and document, resulting in an identical string.
PHSS?37446 PHSSX37446 Yes ? matches alphanumeric character X.
PHSS?37446 PHSSXL37446 No ? matches only one alphanumeric character (not XL).
PHSS_37446 PHSS$37446 Yes Both underscore (_) and dollar sign ($) are replaced with spaces in search string and document, resulting in identical strings.
PHSS*37446 PHSS37446 Yes Matches zero or more alphanumeric characters.
PHSS*37446 PHSSAlpha37446 Yes Matches zero or more alphanumeric characters.
PHSS*37446 PHSS-Alpha37446 No Intervening characters include a non-alphanumeric, which is replaced with a space, * does not match a space.
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Filtering options

In addition to the search criteria, you can narrow your search by filtering on content type, date, and sort type. You can display a summary, specify the number of results per page, and search within results:

Content types

Content is organized by type, such as security bulletins . Use the content type filter to search documents regardless of type, or to limit the search by checking specific content types.

Date range

Limit search results by update date. Select a date span from the drop down list, or a date range between specific dates.

Sort type

By default, results are sorted and listed according to the closest match of your search. This is the "Score" sort. Use the Sort by filter to sort by a different column header name such as content type or content updated date. Use this filter before or after submitting your search. The current sort is displayed in the dropdown.

Display summary

By default, the result displays document titles. Before searching, use Show a summary to include a summary in the results.

Number of results

Use the Results per page filter to specify the number of results to display per page.

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Security Bulletin Archive

You can filter your search by the Security Bulletins content type. You can also use the "Archive" link next to the Security Bulletins content type checkbox to gain access to all HP security bulletins.

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