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Access product support information from three locations:

  • HP Support Center home page
  • "Select a product" page
  • Product home pages

Look for support information as follows:

  • Find a product's home page first, then browse for support information using the methods listed in the Content search table below.
  • Browse for support information directly, using the same methods, from the HP Support Center home page.

Support documents may be within the HP Support Center, or in other portals.

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Find a product home page

Find a product home page as follows:

Product Search Method
Find an HP product Keyword search box
Select a product category Dropdown, listing categories
Provide a serial number Keyword search box
Select from Recent Products List of recently selected products

The initial result of the first two methods is a "Select a product" page, which is an intermediate page whose purpose is to refine the search. You may encounter the page more than once as you refine your search down through the hierarchy of products, especially if you search by category. For example, if you select the category "Desktops & Workstations", a "Select a product" page appears to allow you to refine the search within Desktops & Workstations subcategories.

Each method has its advantage. The category search is useful if you are not sure of the exact product name. The keyword search is useful when you do know the exact product name, since you can reach the product's home page in fewer steps.

If you have the serial number you can enter it to reach the associated product home page directly.

A currently selected product is shown in the product selector, and is remembered during your session. If you select a product then return to the HP Support Center home page, a link to that product's home page appears under 'Recent product'.

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Product-specific content options

Once you have arrived at a product page, you can find product-specific content from the searchbox or from the tabs at the bottom of the page:

Option Description
Search box Search for content specific to the product you selected.
Download options
  • Get drivers, software & firmware
  • Sign up for driver, security, patch and support emails
  • Patch management Available at HP Support Center - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Diagnostic passwords Available at HP Support Center - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Software updates & licensing Available at HP Support Center - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Top issues & solutions

Top issues are documents written as a result of calls to the HP Response Center. Most viewed solutions are based upon the number of times they have been viewed by users. Includes a link to view all solutions.


Select manual type or view all types. Select language.

Click on Advisories, bulletins & notices. Advisories describe product issues and corresponding solutions and resolutions. Bulletins contain information about catastrophic hardware failures. Notices contain information such as technical and warranty details, and model and configuration codes.

Repair & warranty
  • Warranty check
  • View my recent cases
  • View my contracts & warranties
  • Manage my contracts & warranties
Community forums Ask questions or share knowledge with your fellow users in the HP Enterprise business HP Inc. commercial product community. This link will take you to a list of discussion boards that discuss the product you have selected.
Get help from HP
  • Submit or manage support cases
  • Chat with HP
  • All HP contact options

Some of the above options are also available in the left navigation of content pages. In addition to those listed above, are the following, listed under Other Knowledge Base options:

Other Knowledge Base options Description
Troubleshoot a problem Example categories:
  • Errors
  • Drives
  • Diagnostic Tools
Setup & install Example categories:
  • Product Setup
  • BIOS
  • System Recovery
Learn & use

Documents containing common questions about product usage.
Example categories:

  • General Use Information
  • Use My Software
  • Components
Perform maintenance

Documents describing routine maintenance or upgrade tasks.
Example categories:

  • Product Specifications
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Parts Replacement and Repair
Upgrade & migrate Product-specific documents to keep your HP product up-do-date.
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