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HP LaserJet 3015/3020/3030/3380 AIO Software Update

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Version:4.1 (22 Jun 2005)
Operating System(s):Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003
File name:lj30xx_3380swupdate-en.exe (3.3 MB)
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Late Breaking Information



HP LaserJet 3015/3020/3030/3380 software update addresses the following issues:

This is a software update for the HP LaserJet 3015/3020/3030/3380. This is not a full installation of the all-in-one software. In order to use this software download, you must already have completed a Minimum or Typical installation of the all-in-one software from your in-box CD. To order a copy of the CD with the latest version of the software, please visit our CD-ROM order page.

Version 4.1
  1. Allows PC to go into hibernate mode.
  2. More Robust Receive-To-PC functionality.
  3. More reliable launching of Scan-to destinations.
  4. Registering of hpbmiapi.dll (1904 Error).
  5. Scanning of multiple pages on flatbed.
  6. Robust network rediscovery (DHCP) for scanning.
Version 3.1
  1. Includes all enhancements provided in Versions 2.0 and 1.1.
  2. Erroneous error message when scanning to email is no longer displayed.
  3. The default file size when scanning to a PC has been significantly reduced for most PDF and JPG file types.
  4. The paper size dimensions in scanned PDF's will be the expected size.
  5. The paper size selection in the scan application will now display the appropriate paper size.
  6. Network connections are now more robust.
  7. Added diagnostic support capabilities to hpbpsttp.exe.
  8. The temporary files created when scanning to email or 3rd party applications will now be located in a sub directory of the current users temporary directory.
  9. Uninstalling will now leave the data from faxes received to PC intact.
  10. Faxes received to PC will now take up much less disk space.
Version 2.0
  1. Includes all enhancements provided in Version 1.1.
  2. The Scan-to application now recognizes if Readiris version 9.0 is installed and adds it to the destination box.
  3. Scan-to email now more robust.
  4. Toolbox scan to file types now match what is actually supported.
  5. The Scan-to button now uses correct defaults, even when the user has created a different default quick set.
  6. Scan-to email now puts a copy of the message into the Sent Items folder.
  7. Chinese alerts were in English and have been localized.
  8. Limited access fax user functionality.
  9. Clipped German text in the search for software updates.
  10. Czech mis-translation of the word 'Volumes' is now corrected to 'Hlasitost'.
  11. Localization of the Czech screen has been corrected.
  12. Toolbox Order Supplies privacy page now meets the IESO specs.
  13. Receive to PC standard faxes are no longer distorted.
  14. Default directory now available for Scan-To application through cmd line ore registry key only.
  15. Filename prefix variable now available for the Scan-To application (to use when using Scan-To from device.)
  16. Fixed maximum number that a temporary scan filename can use to 32,767.
  17. PCLXL error when changing the paper type is no longer a problem.
Version 1.1
  1. Addresses cases where Toolbox, Scan and Receive Faxes to computer features stop working over time when networked using a Jet Direct Print Server.
  2. Eliminated the need for someone with administrative privileges to perform a scan before any other scan can be performed.
  3. Added a Version.ini file to confirm the version of software installed on a computer.
  4. Added A4 as a standard paper size selection in the Scan Settings dialogue of the hp LaserJet Scan software.
  5. Enhanced the capability of the hp LaserJet Scan software when multiple TWAIN sources are installed or when the TWAIN source name contains a number.
  6. Adjusted the default Scan Size and Scan dimension measurement units in the Scan Settings dialogue of the hp LaserJet Scan software based upon country or region.
  7. Added automatic retries for Scan to-email failures using the different email protocols.

Download Info

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  • Download into a temporary, default directory on your PC by clicking on the download button below. Note the directory and path where the file has been saved. You will need to access this file on your PC.
  • Close any applications you may have open is recommended.
  • Install this file by clicking Start then Run on your PC. Select Browse and find the directory where the file had been saved. Double-click on the file to start the install.
  • Please note that this file will install the update immediately.

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